Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark? 

If you haven’t heard of Royal Blood yet you need to get on it asap! Seriously! The dynamic duo are back with their second album How Did We Get So Dark? and it is an absolute treat. Drums, bass and vocals, that’s all there is and yet they sound huge, due to Mike Kerr‘s bass sounding like a guitar, they are able to pull off this effect. After the success of their self-titled debut I didn’t think they could top themselves, but I was wrong. 

They are back with even more hard rock riffs that sound so satisfying and are gaurenteed head bangers, there’s nothing not to love. The production on this one has also taken a step forward, with the band sounding bigger and harder than before whereas their debut you could always tell that there were only two of them. You could argue that the two albums are pretty similar in style with not a whole lot of variation in the songs, but I feel like they have managed to push their writing skills further and still provide a fresh sound while sticking to what they know. 

Check it out for yourself, seriously, but if your not on board yet I would definitely check out these tracks. How Did We Get So Dark? the title track is an awesome album opener and displays the growth of the band. The lead single Lights Out follows the opener perfectly and continues the riving energy. Where Are You Now? is a great track and reminds me a lot of a Wolfmother song. Couple of other tracks that are a must are Hook, Line and Sinker and Hole In Your Heart. 

These guys are awesome, and I hope they continue to surprise me, and really look forward for what’s next with these guys. It’s just good rock tunes that you can jam out to, it’s simple and yet effective. For a second album it’s a step in the right direction, so please do yourself a favour and listen to Royal Blood


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