Silverstein – Dead Reflection

Silverstein are back with their ninth album, Dead Reflection after the longest break between  albums they have had in their career. As soon as I saw the album cover I knew I was in for something different, the cover straying away from typical designs of previous releases and showing restraint and simplicity I thought to myself, what kind of Silverstein album am I going to get? They have always either been hit or miss and this one lands in the middle for me.

The band is definitely sounding revived and refreshed while also a little heavier than previous releases. Dead Reflection really flourishes with some awesome post-hardcore riffs that sound really well produced and extremely fun to play, I’m sure the pits at Warped Tour would also be a lot of fun this year. Shane Told is back with his mixture of pop punk clean vocals and harsh, electrifying screaming that honestly sounds so good with a perfect balance of the two. 

Last Looks, Retrograde, Lost Positives, Ghost,Mirror Box and Cut and Run are massive tracks featuring the new invigorated Silverstein. For fans of the old school sound tracks like AquamarineThe Afterglow and Whiplash will definitely sastify, but for me I felt like these songs, although were decent, didn’t fit with the overall tone of the album. 

I also felt like the second half of the album lost me, with the momentum slowing down, the placement of certain tracks could of been reconfigured to have a better flowing album. While tracks like Demons were never needed for the album at all, with a confusing song structure almost sounds like multiple songs spliced together. 

Overall though it’s a good album, but just not their best. As I said before, it sort of lands in the middle for me but I can definitely appreciate their new stylistic venture. With a huge catalogue behind them and now a nice addition to it, Silverstein remain strong in the ever changing game of their respected genre. 


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