Our Last Night – Selective Hearing 

Our Last Night have released their new EP Selective Hearing, and at first I wasn’t really excited to hear this one, but I actually was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been listening to these guys since their debut album, The Ghosts Among Us, which is my favourite release by them and unfortunately I’ve lost a lot of interest in their later stuff. With a lot of changes in style and sound they were no longer the same band I fell in love with. 

When it came to listening to this release I knew I had to go in with an open mind and you know what, it’s decent. I feel like they have managed to blend the days of old with the new. A mixture of post hardcore and pop that balances together well without it sounding like they are really trying. They have obviously been doing this over the years but I truly think they are on the right track now. 
The title of the release sums it up real nicely with a selection of songs that I perosanlly thought were better than others. Some things I didn’t like about this release is that some songs they nailed with the pop side, others they didn’t. The lyrics are a little unrelatable, bland and along with the melodies can come across a little cheesy. But besides from that songs like Broken Lives, Tongue Tied, Ivory Tower and Common Ground are huge tracks thanks to Matt’s production skills. Along with the production I feel like this is probably the best singing/screaming done by Trevor. His clean vocals have really come a long way and he has really mastered his high and low screaming. 

I really have to commend these guys for their continued hard work and progression, It wouldn’t have been easy leaving your record label and going completely independent and continue to be successful. Gaining more of a following through YouTube than their label ever could is a testament to their continued determination and love for their art. Just as I was ready to “close the book” on these guys, Selective Hearing sucks me back in and I’m looking forward to what comes next for these guys. 


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