Linkin Park – Meteora

After hearing the shocking and devastating news of Chester Bennington I knew I had to pay my respects and review my favourite album by Linkin Park. The follow up to their huge debut album Hybrid Theory was the truly epic Meteora, released in 2003. I was 11 the first time I heard it and it was the first heavy stuff I really got into. The fusion of metal and hip hop was a strange concept that just happened to work for these guys, but it wasn’t just the mixture of the two but the amazing complexity of their compositions lyrically and melodically. 

At the time the album spoke to me when I was on the edge of my teen years and could seriously relate to the themes of anger, lonileness, frustration and recovery. Chester‘s lyrics are so honest and have such a deeper truth and sense of soul that now are truly heartbreaking to hear. It wasn’t just Chester‘s writing that was amazing but the band as a whole was cohesively strong with all elements bringing something to the table. 

You have your obvious tracks like Numb, Somewhere I Belong and Breaking The Habit that deal with the themes of the album but tracks like Hit The Floor, Faint and From The Inside that combine all elements that make Linkin Park great and push them to their full potential. Obviously the course of this bands style changed in the years to come and this is why I think this album fully represents them in their prime. Whether your a fan of the old or the new you can’t deny that this album is where they truly made a name for themselves and influenced other acts to come. 

This album is timeless and can sound like it was made yesterday which is a testament to their creativity. Chester‘s lyrical content can now be viewed as foreshadowing or just an honest open window to the inner workings of a trouble human. His death is truly heartbreaking but instead of dwelling on the horrible side of it, I will continue to enjoy the pure art that he has left for all of us. 


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