Hundredth – Rare 

Hundredth have never been a band that I’ve really listened to before as they were a melodic hardcore band and too heavy for me to enjoy. That changed when I caught a snippet of one of their new songs and I was taken away. Being a prominately heavy band for nearly ten years, they have drastically changed their sound and maybe for the better. Their new album Rare focuses on a mellow alternative new wave sound yet still clinging onto their hardcore roots. 

The best way I can describe this album is atmospheric, heavily destorted carnage with a soothing melody to guide you through out. It’s a tough album to really wrap your head around or really focus on what’s going on, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but a majority probably wouldn’t get it. It’s more of a background filler, great to have on while trying to focus on something else. Second time around I had to listen to it with headphones and it’s beautiful, and a great one to listen to why lying in bed. You can really hear what each instrument is doing in the mix, it’s just a shame you can’t hear it through speakers. 

One big issue with it though, is the likeness in each song, they are all very similar and can really put your attention span to the test. I did find myself zoning out multiple times. If checking out for yourself and don’t wanna listen to the whole album, I would recommend songs like Vertigo, Neurotic and Hole. These songs really give you the general sounds and tone of the album. 

I do have to take my hat off to Hundredth though, I huge change in style like this could really disappoint long time fans, but it’s obviously something they wanted and needed to do. For me it’s a change for the better, as I personally feel this is a more artistic expression for them that maybe they didn’t feel they could get across in their older music. I’m curious as to where this new direction will take them, hopefully in a positive way and gain a wider following of fans. It’s not gonna be for everyone, and honestly it’s not something I’d listen to heaps, but it’s one that every now and then you can chuck on and chill out to. It’s a cool sound that I can appreciate but not always. 


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