Can’t Swim – Fail You Again 

Can’t Swim, are really becoming one of my favourite bands right now. Fairly new on the scene and being active since 2015, these guys are a mix of pop punk, emo, post-hardcore and rock and it’s pretty awesome!! Fail You Again is their debut album, and what a debut it is! Hard hitting riffs, melodic tenderness, emotion driven lyrics and enough teen angst to make me forget I’m in my 20’s. 
Starting off the album is opening track What’s Your Big Idea, and what a start it is! From get go we are thrushed into a sound of heavy, almost Linkin Park-esque intro, hitting you in the face with big drums and down tuned guitars until we get to Chris LoPorto‘s vocals. Now I know their only a young band, but it’s safe to say that the vocals really give them their signature sound. It sounds like the dude destroys his voice with so much aggression and harshness, but yet sound so smooth and fit perfectly within the song. Not only does it sound good, but feels good too. You really get a sense that everything is genuine and that the guy is really feeling what he’s feeling and I love that. 

You have some great songs about truthfulness, mourning, and determination, the struggles in life and overcoming them. Songs like We Won’t Sleep, $50,000,000 (yes it’s actually called that), Friend, Stranger, Kid and All The Moves We Make Are In The Dark are the strong heavy ones that really stand out for me but their is also a softer side to this band. Another reason this album is great is the way they manage to blend the heavy with the soft. Molly’s Desk and Show Me tend to lean towards the softer tone which is so beautifully written and recorded you can get lost in the sound. 

There were two tracks that really blew me away and are my personal favourites. Stranger and Quitting, these songs really manage to capture everything this album is all about. The powerful message in the songs, the heavyness in the guitars, the room shattering drums, the atmospheric softness, the mix of harsh and soft vocals, it’s all in these two songs which if you wanted to test the waters with this band, these are the songs to listen to. 

It might not be for everyone and I can understand why, but for me, these guys came along right when I needed them to. A bunch of kids, writing about things they wanna write about and playing how they want to, without being influenced by anybody else. I’m looking forward to this bands future and I really hope that they gain the following they deserve. 


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