The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th Anniversary 

The greatest album ever made, by the greatest band of our time has hit its 50th Anniversary and to celebrate EMI has re-released it in a new package and been remastered by original producer George Martin‘s son, Giles Martin. This is possibly one of my favourite albums of all time and when I heard this was going down, I needed it so bad! 

From the first note played in the title track’s first bar I knew I was in for a treat. The master tapes have been treated with the utmost respect and integrity. The songs have always been the staple of utilising a studio space but somehow Giles has managed to bring even more life to these songs.  Sitting back and listening to all my favourite songs I was reminded of the first time I ever heard this album. 

Having been grown up on The Beatles, I was instantly transported to when I sat down with my headphones and played it from start to finish and was lost in the brilliant sounds of this album. Not only was it made to perfection but it was also written perfectly too. A concept of a travelling big band, it feels as if Sgt Pepper, not The Beatles, is performing in front of an excited crowd, with completely different styles, contemporary themes and messages on each track. 

It was an album that was ahead of it’s time and innovative in bridging the gap between pop music and art while also being the representation of its generation and culture. This anniversary edition is a true gift to the fans but it is also a great treat for newcomers who are just discovery this wonderful band and their art. 


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