Kasabian – For Crying Out Loud

I was pretty late to the Kasabian train, I was too busy being an emo when these guys were really making a name for themselves and now I absolutely love them. For Crying Out Loud is their 6th album and besides the pretty unimaginative album cover this album is pretty good. 
The album begins with party starter I’ll Ray (The King) and establishes that your in for a awesome ride. Hard hitting and explosives choruses from these indie rockers there’s absolutely nothing to hate about this one. Followed up with lead single You’re In Love With A Psycho with absurd and clever lyrics, the bands main song writer, Sergio Pizzorno, is in his element. 
There are songs with full on attitude like Twentyfourseven, Good Fight and Bless This Is Acid House which will easily please old school fans. Songs like Wasted and Sixteen Blocks are more chilled out and easy to have on in the background. But the middle section of this album does go a little obscure with The Party Never Ends, Are You Looking For Action? and All Through The Night. These tracks lean more on the psychedelic side and although the best place to probably have them is in the middle of the album, I felt they didn’t excite me or move me the way they could have if they were a bit better. 

But one track in particular really stood out to me. Comeback Kid is possibly my favourite song on this album. It has strange verses but adds to the really uplifting chorus, and that chorus, my god, so damn good. Complete with many backing vocals and a roaring trumpet section, I really just wanted to repeat the song again and again. 

All in all this album is a nice addition to Kasabian’s outstanding catalogue of work and although it’s probably no where as good as their classic albums like West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum or Velociraptor! it definitely is an album worth checking out. 


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