He Is Legend – Few

Just once you think that maybe these guys will call it a day, they come out of nowhere and release a solid album. A crowd funded album (which I personally donated to) is the result of He Is Legend‘s 5th album Few. There’s obviously a big following still for these guys that the record labels just don’t want to recognise, but their loss I guess? 

Either way it’s a win for the fans as the band return with a perfect blend of their signature sound of psychedelic, alternative, hard rock…at least I think that’s what you call it? He Is Legend really know how to take you on a roller coaster ride of sound. They somehow manage to unleash carnage on your ears with the most meatiest of guitar riffs and throat tearing vocals, but then can change to the opposite end of the scale and make you get lost in the sound with clean guitar licks and soothing vocal melodies. They manage to do this so seamlessly again on Few with some of the heaviest riffs I’ve heard since 2006’s Suck Out The Poison. 

Tracks like Air Raid and Sand really start the album off with a bang and remind you why you’ve stuck with these guys for so long. There’s also something about frontman’s Schuylar Croom‘s vocals that continues to impress me. He manages to sound so rough and course yet also fit so well in the mix that it almost makes his voice sound smooth. As the album progresses you can really hear that these guys work so well together in crafting these songs down to the minute details. Songs like Beaufort, Alley Cat, Jordan, and The Garden really stood out to me and displayed true maturity in the bands craft. 

Now it’s a good album but it’s not perfect. I found that the second half of this album slowed down for me and I kept finding myself zoning out and getting a little bored. Maybe it was the organisation of the track listing or the similarity in sound, but some of them just didn’t work for me. This album was also being overshadowed by two brilliant albums before it. It Hates You and Heavy Fruit are probably the most solid releases this band has put out and the expectations on Few were pretty high. I’m sure after several listens that some of these songs will grow on me and I’ll learn to love them, but first initial listen, I wasn’t sold. 

Overall I really enjoyed this album, and I’m so glad that He Is Legend are able to continue making music the way they want to, especially with the help of their devoted fans. They are so unique and there’s no body else who comes close to sounding like them. So I definitely recommend checking this one out if your ready to be engulfed in blood-curdling heavyness and smooth dreamlike atmospheres cause this is He Is Legend doing what they do best. 


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